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Are you skint or in debt? Working all the hours to pay the bills? Maybe you'd like to work less.

If so, LiveLight can help. We show you how to save money through sustainable living, with free moneysaving tools plus great deals and support.

Every action you take through LiveLight won't just slash you bills and make you richer - it will also make positive, effective steps in the urgent fight against climate change.

LiveLight membership is free and gives you access to free tools and deals to help you reduce waste and slash your home energy and fuel bills.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you be wealthier and tackle climate change through sustainable living. Find out more.


Get deals and recommendations for online products and services that save you money and help fight climate change.


Check out our free moneysaving apps to help you slash your household spend.

LiveLight Video

Watch our video featuring LiveLight Founder David Sorsby.

Our deals and recommendations

  • Invest in a better world with Abundance

    Invest in a better world with Abundance
    Abundance offers peer-to-peer investments that create something good for the environment and society, without compromising on your financial return.

    You can | See MORE>>

  • How much do you really earn?

    How much do you really earn?
    This calculator is designed to help you work out how much you really earn from work when you take into | See MORE>>

  • Switch to Good Energy

    Switch to Good Energy
    Help us build a green energy future
    All the electricity supplied by Good Energy comes from local, natural sources like Cornish sunshine, | See MORE>>

  • new shiny product

    new shiny product
    lots of lovely words here about what a great load of vegetables we have here!
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  • Cut living expenses with our FREE Home Cost Tracker

    Cut living expenses with our FREE Home Cost Tracker
    Our Home Cost Tracker software helps you monitor spend on essential bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same | See MORE>>

  • Cost and Carbon Snapshot Tool

    Cost and Carbon Snapshot Tool
    How much do you REALLY spend on food, fuel and stuff? This calculator is a great starting point for getting | See MORE>>

  • Organic food - delivered to your door

    Organic food - delivered to your door
    Abel & Cole is one of the pioneers of organic food retailing in the UK – they’ve been delivering organic | See MORE>>

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In Paris this week every country in the world agreed that it is critical to limit global warming. Far from being expensive and difficult, my own experience is that living the low carbon lifestyle we all need to make this goal a reality is very easy. Yesterday, I outlined how I saved £80k through living a low […]

A two tonne lifestyle for the win

For the past eight years, I have been trying to live a two tonne lifestyle. That’s two tonnes of greenhouse gases from the things I own or buy – basically everything that I spend money on. I did this because I wanted to do something positive to fight climate change, and I felt that the […]

LiveLight zero to hero – in one blog

The two tonne, low debt, low carbon lifestyle is a good one – for your  bank balance, your personal happiness levels, and increasing our chances of leaving a strip of earth that the generation now growing up can actually live on. The cash benefits are considerable, and in this post I’ll try and break these down […]

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